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Stormwater Retention Vault Cofferdam

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Construction of a 103 wide x 221 long x 25' deep rectangular cofferdam to facilitate the construction of a cast-in-place stormwater retention vault.  The cofferdam featured one row of pile-supported internal bracing to allow construction of the vault structure without horizontal interference.


Casey Canal Cofferdam

Savannah, GA

Construction of a 210' x 35' deep circular cofferdam to facilitate the construction of a stormwater pump station.  This cofferdam featured concrete compression rings that eliminated the need for internal bracing that would have conflicted with the construction of the pump station.


Repair Wharf

Naval Station

Mayport, FL

These cofferdams utilized flat-web steel sheet piles up to 70' in length with high interlock strength that, when filled, became a stable berthing structure with an allowable dredge depth of -50' for the US Navy.